Monthly Archives: May 2009

My new hobby car has arrived!

It was very hard decision to sell my Challenger R/T but I really wanted to have 4-speed manual hobby car and what else would be
the better for that than having Challenger T/A! Also good thing was that my old R/T was
sold to my cousin, so this wasn´t that hard decision after all.

My new T/A came yesterday May 20th from Denmark and now proceeding tomorrow with the customs and registration. This is rare T/A Challenger with manual 4-speed transmission with Hurst Pistol Grip Shifter… only 989 was build with manual transmission! Nice coincident is that the scheduled production date in the fender tag is exactly same as my birth date. This red/orange is not the original color of this car… the original color is Plum Crazy (purple/violet) and in the long run I´ll paint it back to this color. So this is the color it´s going to be: