Monthly Archives: June 2009

New Name for my Blog

Yep, it´s time to give up that good old "The Locomotive" name because The Locomotive Car (R/T 440 Magnum) has now been sold. So, the new name for my blog is "3470 Six Pack". That seven in the middle of 340 stands for the date format (3.4.70) of the scheduled production date of this car and my birth date.

Challenger T/A registration completed – KOU-298!

Now the T/A has been registered. Now errors or notifications in inspection. License plate for my Challenger T/A is now KOU-298. Unfortunately the short versions of register numbers were not available anymore in this Inspection station, so now I´ll go with these new standard "short" license plates.


Notice also the new installed NOS Rim Blow Steering wheel. It wasn´t that easy after all to change that raceing steering wheel to this Rim Blow. It was stucked so hard that almost every trick and treat was tried but not even a slight move. Then I had to build my own tool for pulling this steering wheel off. Huh, what a job but now done and looks great!