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Challenger T/A in Wheels Magazine April 1985

My Challenger T/A in Wheels Magazine during swedish years back in 1985.

Taking my big sis for a ride…

T/A Build Sheet

T/A Fender Tag Decoded by Barry Washington

Here´s the T/A fender tag decoded by Barry Washington who´s the global moderator for the Challenger T/A Registry and the 1970 Hamtramck Registry.

Technical Service Bulletin for T/A


History Document

Here´s the history document about my TA. Seems that Great Empire Trading L.T.D and Götes Bil AB made the deal and imported this car to Sweden in April 13th 1976. Notice also that Plymouth Roadrunner -72 and Chevrolet Chevelle -70 convertible was also part of the deal and imported also to Sweden at the same time!