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T/A Cylinder Head Specs

I´ve been investigating what are the specialities of this TA 340 engine. The biggest difference to normal 340 engine seems to be in the cylinder heads. In TA engine they first used the heads which were known later (from 1971 onwards) as 360 J-heads. That´s why there was casting stamp of AAWJ 360. But only in this 1970 J-head there was drilled these offset pushrod holes. These offset pushrod holes allowed the intake runners to be ported even more than the standard 340 engine. Also the actual block was more thick so that it allowed to use four bolt main caps but from the factory they came with two bolt main caps. Also the rocker arms were adjustable cast machined similar way than in 426 Hemi. The rocker arm shafts used additional lube spreader grooves (banana grooves).


Instrument Cluster Reinstallation Completed

Dash_smallRallye Instrument Cluster 01Rallye Instrument Cluster 02
Reinstallation done and loooks good and most of all now the Instrument Cluster is correct for ´70 model and original to T/A! First picture is the before and the other two pictures are after reinstallation.

Few set backs as always when doing these installations. The bezel was quite tricky to fit into original place and it took quite much time. Fortunately I managed to fit it with out scratching the gauge lenses or bezels. Anybody who is doing this kind of installations remember to drop down the steering column… you need to unscrew two bolts under the steering column and it then drops about couple inches but this is needed when installing the bezel. Also dash light dimmer seem to have weak connection. It was weak before but now I need to check the connections once again. But all the gauges are working. I found the wiring diagrams from the service manual and net, so these helped me to do the wiring.

Instrument Cluster Restored!

Now speedometer is restored back to MPH scale and tach is showing 8000 RPM. Also clock knob is now correctly through bezel and not through lens as it previously was. Looking good! Very good job done by Real Time Engineering!