T/A Cylinder Head Specs

I´ve been investigating what are the specialities of this TA 340 engine. The biggest difference to normal 340 engine seems to be in the cylinder heads. In TA engine they first used the heads which were known later (from 1971 onwards) as 360 J-heads. That´s why there was casting stamp of AAWJ 360. But only in this 1970 J-head there was drilled these offset pushrod holes. These offset pushrod holes allowed the intake runners to be ported even more than the standard 340 engine. Also the actual block was more thick so that it allowed to use four bolt main caps but from the factory they came with two bolt main caps. Also the rocker arms were adjustable cast machined similar way than in 426 Hemi. The rocker arm shafts used additional lube spreader grooves (banana grooves).



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