Monthly Archives: December 2009


Lucky me. Finally found the factory correct cylinder heads to my original TA engine block! These heads come from Canada and were pulled out from another T/A (picture attached). Previous owner is the president of the Calgary Vintage Car Racing Club ( and she is now upgrading her T/A with more powerful heads, so these were available for sale. These heads are assembled with Mopar Performance adjustable rocker arms but part of the deal is also the original TA rocker arms.

Challenger Art

Nice drawing from my Challenger T/A done by local street artist in Thailand during my vacation. I wanted the Esso gasoline station in the background because of the following reasons: This car has scheduled production date on the April 3rd 1970, I was born on the same date and my father was running Esso gasoline station in Riihimäki during these days in 1970… look at the actual place taken form the Google Maps. So, in this picture all the good spirits and feelings are related. I need to put this picture into frames and put it into my garage wall some day!