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1970 Trans Am Video

1970 Trans Am Video

Nice Folder to T/A Documents and Magazines

Pretty neat special made folder for my important documents, magazines and articles. This was ordered from There is good templates for the service history, previous owners, restoration, parts purchased etc. Also CD for printing additional pages/templates. Unique carved metal plate in the cover sheet shows Dodge Challenger logo, VIN number and license plate.

Pentastar and Sill Scuff Plates

It´s nearly impossible to do restoration without having this little star. It´s located in the right below fender only on the curb side on Mopar cars during years 1962-1971 or something like that. It was Chrysler corporation branding campaign during these years to make the Chrysler Pentastar famous in their cars (Dodge, Plymouth, Chrysler, DeSoto, Imperial). And why only on the right/curb side of the car… because it was then visible for the pedestrians on the sidewalks when the car was parked! It is quite common that these little stars were waisted when doing the sheet metal work or repainting on these cars during later years, just like mine was gone but now it´s waiting for assembly.

I also got the pair of Sill Scuff Plates (door step panels) to my TA… previous owner found some parts from his garage which were belonging to my car.