It´s Good to be 40!

We had nice 40th birthday party together with Challenger and my friends. Thanks to my wife making this party happen! Thanks for the great presents to me and Challenger… I got excellent vines, champagne and whisky with cigars. Also got very fine design art to our house. Challenger got funds to new tires, so also T/A was very pleased with the gifts.
One of the birthday discussion themes was to analyze are we having mid-life crises or not. We came into conclusion that definetly not we´re having mid-life crises… or what do you say if a person is doing restoration for his teenage favourite muscle car, is going to take a tattoo (yes, it´s going to be T/A logo… see picture below) and is participating classic car cruising happenings!
Have you ever thought in which age man is at his happiest and when he is most unhappy? This has been actually researched and the result was that man is happiest at the age of 10 and most unhappy at the age of 44. This means that after the age of ten the happiness-curve starts having downward slope and at the age of 44 it start having upward slope again. Nice research! Here I am at the age of 10 and then the video from my birthday party… seems obvious that I´m happy in both of these pictures.
Notice the famous Pena-dance in this video… this was originally invented by Ana from Riihimäki in Koivu ja Tähti -midsummer festival back in 1986. I then took this Pena-dance into my program and teached this to my friends and then we presented this at the party every now and then. Thanks Ville… you almost got it right!

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