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Comparison between You and Your Hobby Car

They always say that you choose your pet (dog, cat, whatever…) based on the looks and nature which is similar to yourself. And over a period you start to look like your pet even more day by day. I think this fits for hobby cars as well. To be sure, I did basic comparison between myself and Challenger T/A. And here are the results:Comparison_TA_Jymy
As you can see 9 out of 10 is matching, so I´ll rest my case… definetly there is match between you and your hobby car.

Initial Specs for the 340 Six Pack Engine

Yes, it´s a stroker! After serious thinking I´ve decided to go with a stroker kit for my 340 Six Pack engine. Kit includes cast Eagle 4" stroker crank, 6.123 long forged I-beam connecting rods w/bronze wrist pin bushings, Keith Black Hypereutectic pistons, Michigan 77 rod and full groove main bearings, and  plasma moly piston rings. Kit comes from

The increase in stroke gives a lot of more torque in low RPM and this was my main reason to go with the stroker kit. For my usage in the streets the 340 Six Pack very rarely hits the high winding RPM, so I preferred to have stronger engine in low RPM. Besides, I still have my 340 forged crank in case I want to go back with the stock 340 Six Pack set up. Max torque will be around 650-680 NM @ 3000 RPM and max horse power around 350-400 HP @ 5000 RPM.

Cam is hydraulic flat tappet Comp Cam Extreme Energy XE284 with 240/246 at  .050" lift. This is quite rough cam but the increased stroke should compensate this.

Engine is now almost finished with all the machinery. Still final assembly and tuning and then Dyno session is about to begin. Can´t wait the specs and the results!

Story is to be continued when the Dyno sessions starts!