Rolling Rolling Rolling…

All the machinery work is now done and 340 SixPack engine assembly is ongoing. Downstairs of the block is packed already! Compression Ratio is also calculated and it´s 9.5:1. CR is slightly less than first estimated but should work fine with the iron heads.

Can´t wait the dyno session and actually planning to visit there to see how the dyno work is done. This is very interesting because I´ve never been around when the engine is tuned in dyno. Taking my camera with me for sure!






Heads were machined by the Hi-Car Company and block was machined in the Vantaan Moottorikoneistamo by Esko Aapio. Engine specs, heads porting work and block preparation work done by Jyrki Aukio. Jykä will continue from here with the assembly and tuning. After this next step is to go to Dyno session managed by Santala Racing. Thanks to all of these people so far for the excellent work!


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