Monthly Archives: December 2010

And Happy New Year…

here are a little bit better pictures about the SixPack engine after paintjob. Very nice color! Now waiting for Promax jet plates for six pack carbs and then final assembly… and then Dyno session is calling.




Merry Christmas

Absolutely the best Christmas present for this year!


Let´s Roll

Jump start to body rust fixes… Eyeball really get the things going! Seems that the front right corner has had some issues in previous life… also trunk floor is having some "ventilation" holes around the spare tire holding bar.

P1000723 P1000725 P1000727 P1000728 P1000730
P1000731 P1000732 P1000734 P1000737 P1000740
P1000768b P1000762b

Swaptrip: Espoo-Vantaa-Orivesi

Busy weekend for T/A Challenger. First loading to trailer in Espoo, then driving to Vantaa for a 360 engine removal and then final leg to Orivesi for a sheet metal repair during the finalization of the SixPack engine. Thanks to Fleetline for very flexible and professional transportation and of course to Jykä for taking the engine swap work and to Eyeball Products for taking the metal sheet work such a short notice!

Because of the budget limitations I needed to have new approach for my sheet metal work and repaint. My plan to change the exterior color back to original Plum Crazy needs to wait and now I´m heading only for the most critical sheet metal repairs and repaint. I´ll then do that nut and bolt restoration and exterior color swap to Plum Crazy later.