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Dyno Session


Dyno session now done and what a session it was! My first time in the dyno and got lots of info and experience how the work is done. And of course got the report for the engine set up and performance.

But let´s go step by step and it was pretty interesting start…

First we needed to do some modifications for the exhaust headpipes:


Of course these will be welded back together after the session.

Ready for the take off:

Ready Ready2

But the spark was lost…


Reason found after checking the distributor wiring.

Then it was time for the first start:


There was some weird noise coming from the valve covers… seemed that the rocker arms were touching a bit to the valve covers:

Some_noise1 Some_noise2

and we needed some modifications and make some room for the rockers…


Then it was better:


After this, warm up pull and then the oil change:


and filter check up…

Filter check1 Filter check2 Filter check3

yes, it´s clean:

Filter check4

some additives (zddp) and new oil for the first pull:

Zppd Mobil1 Ready_take2

We did the first pull but lambda curves are weird… something was wrong. Needed to check the fuel levels in carb bowls…


and needed to figure out what is causing the carbs floating? Probably the jets:

Probably_jets Probably_jets2 Probably_jets3
Probably_jets4 Probably_jets5

The jet plates were fixed and in the end everything is fine… no extra noise, shaking, floating or what so ever. Time for the serious pull:


And what a pull it was! 409 Horse Power and 628 NM torque with the cast iron manifolds:

410a 410b

Of course we needed to test with the headers as well and the result was naturally even better… 440 HP and 673 NM torque:


440a 440b

What can I say… very pleased with the results and many many thanks to Jykä and Sämpy for the excellent work!

Go Down On the Pedal and You´re Ready to Roll…

Some theme music for tomorrow´s dyno session… Remember this movie "Streets of Fire" from 1984. Lyrics for this song are pretty good for hobby cars and cruising…


Let´s Roll #5

Almost finished… thanks to Eyeball once again! New stripes and then ready for engine mount. And tomorrow very big day… dyno session… stay tuned for dyno report!

P1010202 P1010209 P1010211
P1010216 P1010217 P1010219
P1010220 P1010223 P1010224

Let´s Roll #4

Looking good, next on the line: The Paint Job and new stripes…

P1010126 P1010127 P1010128
P1010130 P1010140

Also the dyno session is booked already… Saturday 29th of January is the D-Day!

Let´s Roll #3 and Some Theme Music…

Almost done with the right hand side sheet metal work…

Here´s also some good old music from the Finnish rock ´n´roll band called simply "The Rock ´N´Roll Band" back in 1974. Song is "I´m Gonna Roll" and in guitar there is Dave Lindholm and Janne Ödner, vocals and bass Pave Maijanen and drums Affe Forsman. This group was together only less than a year or so.


P1010012 P1010013 P1010025
P1010032 P1010035 P1010036
P1010037 P1010042 P1010044

Let´s Roll… #2

Here we go again…

P1000833 P1000839 P1000840
P1000845 P1000852 P1000857
P1000860 P1000893 P1000895
P1000896 P1000905 P1000908
P1000913 P1000916 P1000924
P1000925 P1000927 P1000931
P1000949 P1000950 P1000951
P1000964 P1000966 P1000968
P1010004 P1010005 P1010006
P1010007 P1010008 P1010009
P1010010 P1010011