Monthly Archives: February 2011

Swap Trip #2

T/A coming home for engine mount… thanks Fleetline once again! Also good news about starting the new driving season… T/A was accepted to the American Car Show in Helsinki on the 22nd – 25th of April 2011. What would be better start for the season!

P1010530 P1010532 P1010534
P1010535 P1010531 P1010533

Also couple of upgrades… HD clutch will be changed to CenterForce clutch and my nearly dead battery will be changed to reproduction yellow cap Mopar battery. Thanks to Shaman Kustom Works for the battery import.

Ctf-df039020_w Battery

New Stripes

Finished with the sheet metal work, painting and stripe-job. Now waiting for transport to Vantaa for six pack engine drop into the engine bay.

Many thanks to Eyeball Products once again!

P1010252 P1010251
P1010264 P1010261