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American Car Show 2011

Visited today the ACS 2011 and it was great. Very nice cars and I have to say that the T/A was in a very good company… cars like Hemi Super Bee Coronet on the right side and AAR style Cuda with the superb orange paint on the left!

View this video in full resolution at ACS 2011

Great music to this video… performed by Emiliana Torrini and the song is Jungle Drum. Choosed this music because Emiliana´s freestyle drumming improvisation sounds like T/A engine is idling.


Ready for American Car Show 2011

Washed ans cleaned, ready for the American Car Show! Tomorrow I´ll take T/A to the venue and make some preparations for the installation. Pretty excited though because this is my first show. The number of this car in that show is 43… of course coming from the US date format of April 3rd!

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Inspection Completed

Eventually I needed to replace the alternator and voltage regulator. Alternator is Powermaster (7508) with 75 Amps. Voltage regulator is Mopar Performance with date code correct white letters for 1970. When I researched the resolution for this charging problem it was interesting to see that the Mopar charging system is not the most problem free solution in the market… I thought these charging problems and electrical problems are related only with the British historical cars with the Lucas systems. Thanks for the Espoon Autopalvelu for fixing the old patch and investigation of this charging problem!

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First of all, happy birthday to T/A and me, myself and I!

Annual inspection going on and searching for issues. But no issues except some old patch needed to fix in the left inner fender.

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