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Running with the Six Pack….

It was really long procedure to start the T/A when the engine was cold… obviously something was wrong. First we thought that the choke unit was not correct to this set up and the modifications done to the choke rod was not sufficient. When investigating it a little bit further noticed that there is a minor leak of gasoline from the acceleration pump. This of course gave us indication that the fuel level in the bowl is low if it´s leaking after shutting down the engine.

Anyway we changed the choke unit to the original set and changed the acceleration pump diaphragm and bingo… now it starts with no problems like straight under the palm tree! Thanks Jykä once again for help!

Leaking acceleration pump:


Old "modified" choke unit and the new one with the new rubber pushings for the leaf springs:

12052011343 11052011332

Crumbed diaphragm causing the leak:


All set… Ready to run with the six pack: