Monthly Archives: June 2011

Jymy and Jyrki continues with the SixPack…


Finnish government is formed by Jyrki Katainen, possibly the new PM, and the negotiations will continue with the political party coalition called "SixPack"… good naming convention!

I´m continuing also with the SixPack! Even though having small electrical issues with the ignition switch…. seems that there has been some disconnection in the ignition switch ("key in buzzer" maybe) and it caused minor overheating in the wires. Seems that I need to change the ignition switch.

Cleaned all the connections from the ballast resistor and bulkhead connector and no major issues anymore but need to monitor the situation and need to change that ignition switch in the near future.

07062011401 09062011407

Also changed the throttle return spring to original and now it´s working fine. Previous spring was too light and didn´t return the throttle back as it should be.


Also managed to get the picture about the 4 speed transmission id tag… yes, it´s numbers match to this car!


Helsinki Cruising Night, June 3rd 2011

We went to Helsinki Cruising Night together with the neighboors. Very good weather and lots of cars… couldn´t be better!