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Small fixes, part 3

Noticed small leak under the car and first thought was that is it engine or transmission leaking oil? Luckily not… after instant check noticed that the washer reservoir was empty so that´s the reason for leak. Washer fluid was dripping to engine bay and then to the garage floor.

I took it off and noticed that the leak is coming beside the washer pump. After removing, cleaning and reinstallation the pump, no major leak any more, so hopefully now ok.

Also installed the splash shields in the front fenders.

Washer reservoir  28082011545

And noticed also the nice TTI exhaust tips installed by the previous owner:


And it was also time to take the good old Autosol wonder cream from the shelf and shine the door sill plates… works everytime!

28082011547 28082011548
28082011549 28082011550

Small fixes, part 2

Redyed the door trims and bucket seat covers with VHT vinyl dye. Not perfect but much better than the old ones!

25082011537 25082011539

25082011540  26082011541

Small fixes

I put the new trunk floor mat and spare tire hold down kit. Also glued the loose console trim and changed the broken shifter boot. Looking good!

17082011532 18082011535 18082011536

Espoo Cruising 12.8.2011

First cruising now done with the GTX. I have to say that this GTX is much more cruising friendly car than T/A… power steering makes it very easy to roll at the parking lot. Weather was quite nice for convertible even though the nights are getting cold… next time sweaters or leather jacket could be ok.

12082011510 12082011512 12082011516

Inspection completed

No issues! Only thing is that I need to "stamp" the full VIN code to inner fender in the engine bay (Finnish regulations… need to be in the cars manufactured after 1st of Jan 1964). Now waiting new license plates and registration to be completed… this still takes couple of weeks because need to have taxation decision from the Finnish traffic office about importing the car.

10082011496 10082011497 10082011498
10082011499 10082011505 10082011508

New name for my Blog… Topless GTX

Yes, after long decision making procedure I ended up to offer my T/A for a swap to another car. Reason for this was that the sheet metal work and repainting the T/A back to original color was too time consuming and too costly for me. I also wanted to have convertible car for the first time in my life, so I ended up to test if there was good candidates for swapping the cars. And there was… ´69 Plymouth GTX convertible, 440 engine, 4 speed, Dana 60, A34 Super track pack and air crabber. Only 178 GTX convertibles with 4 speed transmission were made in 1969! And having these goody factory options it´s even more rare. This car came from Sweden where it has been since 1976.

Sheet metal and paint for this GTX is in very good condition and that was the most important thing for me. Engine, transmission and rear is flawless. Interior is also in fairly good condition but I think the instrument cluster needs to be restored at some point and also some fixes to door panels and console. But these are quite easy to fix.

I´ll take more pictures later but now the next thing is to have the registration completed. But here are couple of pictures from the previous owner:

Gtx rules 015 Gtx rules 014 Gtx rules 002
Gtx rules 003 Gtx rules 005 Gtx rules 008
Gtx rules 010 Gtx rules 012 Gtx rules 013

Swapping the Cars… Bye Bye T/A!

Apparently I need to start thinking of new name for my blog because just arrived from Stockholm and here´s my new hobby car: ´69 Plymouth GTX Convertible, 440 engine, Dana 60, 4-speed, A34 Super Track Pack and Air Grabber… more details later, stay tuned!

Swapping the cars:

02082011486 02082011487

Finally home:

03082011492 03082011495

And some theme music for the topless GTX… especially like the part where Don Henley sings "you got your top pulled down, radio/sunglasses on baby":