Monthly Archives: October 2011

Registration Completed… CTS-76!

Finally got the license plates… CTS-76. I ordered right away the black license plates which will fit better the outlook of GTX. In Finland you´re able to get the black plates if the car is manufactured before 1972.



Customs clearance completed

Finally got the Finnish customs clearance about tyhe GTX import… it took 11 weeks! Taxes will be 145,66 Euros. Next Monday I´ll go to the inspection office and get my license plates!

Small fixes, part 5

Needed long under dash cable for the air grabber… seems that I need drill new hole in the firewall for that cable because of the recent sheet metal work and paitn job it was welded. The hole would be located somewhere near voltage regulator and wiper motor. And of course needed new decal for the air grabber. Also water reservoir electric pump was leaking so purchased new one.

Purchased also new convertible boot. Because the stainless trim had drilled through non original snaps, I decided to install those snaps also in the boot. Original boot had clips which attach to the trim.

21102011687 21102011688

New Wiper Motor

New 3 speed wiper motor waiting for installation in the spring time. Old motor does not look period correct and not working properly… having only one speed (the fastest one) and not returning to the start position.

17102011685 17102011686

GTX On Hold

Washed and cleaned and console put back. Time to take GTX to winter sleep… see you on April! During the winter couple of fixes still… lower dashboard and instrument cluster.

15102011669 15102011672 15102011675
15102011677 15102011680 15102011682

Console Fix

Repainted the console core and added the new console carpet. Also repainted the door center trim to black. Once again, not perfect but will do for me and better than before.

12102011641 12102011642 12102011650
12102011651 12102011652 13102011654
13102011656 13102011655 13102011657
13102011666 13102011667 13102011668

New Wheels and Tires

Changed the wheels and tires to more period correct items. Wheels are black painted mopar standard steel wheels… Front 15×7 and back 15×10. Tires are BF Goodrich Radial T/A… Front 235/60/15 and back 275/60/15. Looking very good. Thanks to PH-Rengas once again!

11102011632 11102011633 11102011635