Monthly Archives: November 2011

Air Grabber Supplies…

Purchased new air filter (K&N E-1980) and some paint (VHT Hemi Orange) for the air filter cap.

Thanks to Fixus Espoo for good service!


Trunk Finish Panel

Finally got the trunk finish panel… this is very good core for rechroming and it´s original ´69 GTX finish panel. I´ll send this and GTX center enemblem to Poland for rechrome and after that doing the needed paintings. Rechroming will happen in Wittmann & Syn. I´ve had many good references about this company and the prices are reasonable… lead time for rechroming is about 6 months but that´s not too bad.

Center rectangulars should be painted in black and the edge of that rectangular should be red. Center area should be silver grey paint. Only the outer edge and the GTX enemblem should be bright chrome.

24112011763 24112011762 24112011761

Shining The Badge…

Trying to give the revival for the GTX tailpanel badge. It was painted black at some point. Pretty ok after revival but to be good it needs new chrome.



Black Plates…

Today got the black license plates for GTX… looks good.


New Wiper Blades