Monthly Archives: December 2011

Barrett-Jackson Trivia…

Intresting info from the Barrett-Jackson car auction website:

"As of February 14, 2002 there are 47 GTX convertibles (1969) known to exist."

Knowing the fact that only 701 GTX convertibles (1969) was ever made and only 47 known to survive, I just wonder how many ´69 GTX Convertibles with manual transmission there still is… not much because only 178 was manufactured.

RTS Membership

Today I got the full membership of the "Plymouth Rapid Transit System" certified by The Executive Racing Team (Ronnie Sox, Buddy Martin and Don Grotheer)*.

The certificate says:

"This will certify that Janne Sonkamo is a member in good standing and qualified to run with the Plymouth Rapid Transit System."

This RTS is the same kind of marketing program as "The Scat Pack" in Dodge division side during muscle car era.


*Basicly I just printed the empty membership card from the web and photoshopped my name there… then I just laminated that one ;?)

Blast from the past… #2

Some pictures taken by the previous owner when doing the restoration back in 2005 or so…

PIC_0082 PIC_0083 PIC_0084
PIC_0085 PIC_0086 PIC_0087
PIC_0088 PIC_0089 Gtx 009

Blast from the past…

Here´s the kit car about the GTX. This kit car came with the GTX and it mimics the GTX how it was back in 1996 when it was purchased by the previous owner. Seems that this kit car has some signs of being as a toy car in the past history.

Gtx-delar 002