Monthly Archives: January 2012

New Battery

Of course I needed to purchase the original look Mopar "red cap" battery… red cap is for big blocks and yellow cap is for small blocks. This is reproduction and totally maintenance free with the modern technology. Thanks Pepe for the delivery!

Mopar battery

Spare tire

Purchased old spare tire. It´s 14" Mopar steel wheel with Good Year white line Polyglas F78-14 tire. Wheel was painted with hemi orange color but fortunately I still got couple quarts of GTX metal green paint left, so I painted the wheel with the same paint than the GTX. Now the trunk is one more step closer to the period correct look. I´m still thinking if I should paint the main wheels in the GTX with the same color or should I just leave them black as they currently are…

11012012773 11012012774 11012012776