Monthly Archives: August 2013

Glove box installed

First fix done for the cuda and started from the easiest part. Cardboard glove box installed and put the glove box door spring in place. Now the glove box door opens only when I want to and when I light the tires…


More to do on the list:

Installation of the Front Safety Belts clear
Arm rest pad installation  clear
Turn signal switch check clear
-“S-pillar” sail board installation clear
Windshield and rear window chrome trim installation clear
Radio installation clear
Sunvisor paint and installation clear
Floor carpet “tuning” clear
Splash shield installation clear

After these we are pretty much done.

New Hobby Car and New Blog

So it goes that the change of Hobby Car once again happened. This time it´s Mopar A-Body and 1967 Plymouth Barracuda… more specs later. We purchased this car together with my neighbour and here´s the man him self on his way to costume party with the new car!


Here´s the pic when the swap was on near old Keimola race track:


Changed the blog language back to english because not having iconic “Suomi-Challenger” anymore.

Kutvonen pakattu ja valmis….