Monthly Archives: October 2013

Rear Window Trim Finished

Finally got the corner pieces for the rear window trim… not perfect but will do. On monday the yearly inspection and then winter sleep until Wappu/First of May!


Instant Tuff Wheel Restoration

I purchased the Tuff Wheel adapter from eBay and it came with the original Mopar Tuff Wheel. It has some pitting on the spokes and small cut in the grip. I just polished the spokes and glued the cut so now it´s fairly good wheel for someone… planning to sell it because having reproduction tuff wheel now in place.

Tuff Wheel and Engine Bay

Reproduction tuff wheel installed and ready.


WP_20131013_001 WP_20131013_002

Quantum of Race…

Amber colored Bubble Goggles and Pistol Grip Shifter…



Ready to Roll

Now all the electricity problems have been fixed and here getting back home. Today still participating Espoo cruising and then this season is pretty much done. Planning to participate the American Car Show 2014 in Helsinki, so hopefully see you there! Thanks Jykä, Kieku and Kai for finalizing Barracuda… excellent job!

Steering Adjustments

There was quite heavy torque steering to the right when heavily accelerating… We changed the rear springs and now having the 6 leafs to the left and 8 leafs to the right side. Also adjusted the steering to the correct positions and no torque steering anymore.

WP_20130926_003 WP_20130926_004 WP_20130926_006

Unbelievable coincident happened once arrived to the garage. There was one person who stopped us and said that he was the previous owner of this car years back. He owned the car during 1978-90! This car has been up north in Finland about 800 km away and now it is back in southern part of Finland… And only after one month Barracuda found one of the old owners by accident!

New Floor Mats

Got the new floor mats…