Monthly Archives: March 2014

Driving Season has started…

Some news what´s happening with Barracuda… yesterday we took Barracuda to the garage for mounting the power steering. In order to get the power steering in place we needed to change the headers and mini starter as well. Same time we´ll change the torsion bars to the heavier set. Power steering and torsion bars are coming from FirmFeel, ministarter from RobbMc, and the headers are TTI ceramic coated “schumacher”. Thanks Tuumacid for the fast delivery and good prices!


Also got some racing patches to my vintage racing suit!



Here´s my next project… Austin J40 pedal car for my son Luka. This is manufactured in 1967… same year than Barracuda! Pretty ok condition already but few parts still missing… head lamps, handbrake band light switch, bumbers need to be rechromed etc. Should be ready July 24th for my son´s 1 year birthday!

WP_20140310_001 WP_20140310_002

Blast from the past…

After few years in Sweden my old T/A is now back in Finland! New owner is now completing restoring and painting it with the original plum crazy color! This was my intention as well once I owned this car, so it is needless to say that I´m very pleased to see these pictures. Thanks to Mika for the pictures!

If you want to see earlier restoration of this T/A, go to category “3470 Six Pack” in this blog.