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Seat Trim Panels

Seat Trim Panel mounted… looks much better now. Still missing the driver seat chrome trim from the seat side panel.


Fender Tag Decoding

CM27: Chrysler Medium Convertible
L9C: 440, 375HP, 1-4BBL 8 CYL,1969, Jefferson Avenue, MI, USA
243288: Sequence number
E86: 440 cid 4 barrel V8 (High Performance) 375hp
D32: Heavy Duty Automatic Transmission
R6: Red Exterior Color
R6: Trim – Unknown, Vinyl Bucket Seats, Unknown Color
M6W: Unknown Int. Door Frames
315: Build Date: March 15
249509: Order number
R22: AM Radio with 8 Track (10 Watts)
R31: Rear Seat Speaker(s)
P31: Power Windows
P45: Power Deck Lid Release
C21: Center Front Seat Cushion
P25: Power Left Front Seat
B41: Front Disc Brakes w/Standard 10in RR Drum
G11: Tinted Glass (all)
V7W: Accent Stripes, White
L31: Hood/Fender Mounted Turn Signals
L35: Cornering Lamps


Dash light and Led Zeppelin 8 Track

Dash lights are now working and of course needed to purchase Led Zeppelin´s first debut album released in 1969 so it´s truly date code compliant to ´69 Chrysler 300. Looks good in the dash 8 track player! Led Zeppelin fits also perfectly to Chrysler 300 image what comes to size, weight and fuselage style.


Side markers

Side markers in ´69 Chrysler looks pretty neat!


Fix List

Almost there… few things still on going but here´s the list of fix things in Finnish… free translation and few extra things we ordered:

-Power steering repair kit installation (gaskets, bearings… leakage in steering gear)
-TTI exhaust installation (2.5″ with H-pipe and oval stainless steel tips)
-Dash panel change to the NOS one
-Dash lights fix
-Rear leaf springs: blacksmith work to gain the original arc and add one new leaf.
-New rubber bushings and new shock absorbers in front and rear
-Change of steering wheel: wheel from 68 Polara with Chrysler center cap… to simulate “flight theme” (fuselage)
-Modification and installation of side markers: in ´69 Chrysler “cheated” the regulations and put only the reflectors as side markers. This did not fly and in ´70 they needed to put the actual lights back. I wanted to have those side marker lights because it´s cool in the evenings to have those. I purchased ´70 Plymouth B-body side marker set and have those modified so that our ´69 Chrysler 300 will have the side markers as well. No modifications to the sheetmetal is needed.
-New front brake hoses
-Rear drum brake fix: all new brake shoes, springs, cylinders, adjust etc.
-Thermal extra gasket between carburetor and intake manifold
-Cruise control fix
-Remote trunk opening fix (from the dash button)
-Power window button fix (right rear window)

Addition to these few things still left: new convertible top and boot, new floor carpet… these are purchased already but let´s see if we still have some money left to install these or are we doing these during spring time.

8 Track Music

Let´s continue with the music theme… needed to purchase old Led Zeppelin 8 track tape for the Chrysler 300 tape player. This is the first Led Zeppelin album from the year of 1969, so it is date correct for the car. 8 Track player is not working properly at the moment though… it rolls but no sound, but it will for sure look cool in the dash! And this Led Zeppelin will definetly simulate the flight/fuselage theme!