Monthly Archives: November 2014

Winter Sleep

Winter is late this year but yesterday we took Chrysler 300 to the winter sleep. See you on April 2015!


Dual Snorkel Air Cleaner

Needed to purchase the TNT style of Air Cleaner… now looks more original. Also the master brake cylinder is new because the old one came to it´s end. Notice also the chrome oil cap breather… also feature of the TNT engine.


Electric Cremlins!

Once again I bumbed into the electric cremlins under the hood! This car did not make any exception compared to my previous cars. One morning the ignition was weak but finally it started… this hasn´t happened before but I thought it was one time occurance with something to do with the cold and humid Finnish November weather… NOT! In the middle of the morning rush hour car just lost all it´s electricity and stopped there. Normal checklist with the important wires but nothing happened. Call to the towing truck and here we go.


Then back to my “garage” and investigation of the problem. Located the problem into the bulkhead connector in the firewall and wire connection from the alternator is bad. Need to replace the bulkhead wire terminal end for that wire. Nice job especially in the dark, cold and rainy wheater 🙂

Update 14th of November: Electric problems solved! Needed to check wire by wire and terminal by terminal and of course the last checkpoint solved the problem… loose terminal found and just snapped that tight and that´s it. This connection terminal was in a tight spot on top of the radio and that´s why I did not see it at the first place… well now checked and replaced all the suspicious wires and terminals on the way seeking the problem 🙂