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Sound of 340

Got the videoclip about the upcoming two-tone blacktop Duster… sounds gooood!

New name for the Blog

new projects coming in and after the cult movie Two-Lane Blacktop I named my blog as Two-Tone Blacktop. Idea behind this one is that the coming 1970 Plymouth Duster is very rare V02 code meaning that this is two-tone paint with black TX9 painted roof… so no usual vinyl top! Another specs with this car is: H-Code, #match 340 motor, original 3-speed manual but now 4-speed manual, FY1 Lemon twist exterior but now EK2 vitamin C orange, rally cluster and black vinyl seats. Needless to say that this car reminds me a lot of my previous 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A (see the category 3470 SixPack).

Many plans and ideas with this car! This car is landing to Finland before Christmas but until then, enjoy the pictures.

Coming soon…

1970 Plymouth Duster, H code, V02 code, #match, 4 speed… coming soon… stay tuned.


Myytävänä => Myyty!

MYYTY syksyllä 2015!

Uusia projekteja alkaa pukkaamaan, joten laitettiin Coronet myyntiin:

for sale