Monthly Archives: June 2016

Instant Restoration…

Needed to put the pentastar in place because someone has painted the original with the EK2 paint. Of course this is interim solution and waiting for the final FY1 paint job.


Reverse Light Mounted…

Now reverse warning light mounted and it works.

Mopar 340 Trivia…

Found the welded washer from the K-member. This verifies that the K-member is original heavy duty K-member from the 340 engine car. At least this is the common understanding because no other reasonable explanation for that washer and 318 engine cars did not have them.


Some supplies…

Owner’s manual and 4 speed reverse light under the dash… originally this Duster did not have the reverse light because it was 3 speed manual. But now converted to the 4 speed I needed to have that one because it’s cool! Also changed the wiper blades to the OE style… looking much more better!

Registration Completed!

Finally got the Finnish plates… bye bye California… welcome Finland.


Sound of 340 #2

Sounds good!



Original Spare Tire

Finally home. Seems that Duster has the original spare tire in place! After engine build now need to continue with break in driving mode for about 100 km and then change the oil and add cam break in oil lube.


Sitting on the dock of the engine bay… #2

Sweet and looking good… almost finished..