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Poll: Which one is better…

Just curios to see what the people say… Take a Vote!

Full wheel cover was the original set to this car and the dog dish hub cap was not the option in 1972.

Dog Dish

Full Wheel Cover

Dog Dish…

Dog dish hub caps mounted… I prefer these ones even though these were not originally with this car.

Theme Glasses…

Found it from Sweden and I couldn’t pass these ones… Pretty neat when having a pick nick with the White Wagon!


GoodYear TopKart

Luka´s Good Year Top Kart mobile… 2nd practice at the Bemböle karting circuit. Looks very concentrated!


NOS Clock!

NOS Clock is here. Current clock is working but running too fast… No point fixing this because it cost about 150 eur in the clock smith’s. New NOS clock costs about 150 eur.


Authentic Environment…

Station Wagon in it´s natural authentic environment… Helsinki Railway Station!


New Blog Name…

Bye bye Spitfire… welcome White Wagon! This is 1972 Plymouth Satellite STW. Now I´m finally having motorhome for fun, utility and son´s karting hobby. 3-row seats (8 persons) and Goodyear karting mobile will fit into this wagon with no problem at all. Here are few pictures… stay tuned!