Monthly Archives: July 2019

Tail Emblem

After the original two-tone repaint the tail Plymouth emblem was left out. Now finally got the time to attach it. Because now having 1971 tail stripes I needed to attach this into the trunk lid instead of ’70 style right above the right tail light.


Sound of 340

Quantum of Race…


Trunk Ready

Looking so gooood!

Thumbwheel by Retrosound

Purchased Retrosound Redondo thumbweel radio to replace original AM radio. It has the original look!


Notice that my original AM radio has the text “Chrysler Solid State” which is correct for the 1970 model, so of course ordered the dial lens with the same text.


Double Pumper

Next project after rear end and trunk paint will be the dp carb mount and tuning. If this carb turns to be too big for my duster then I’ll stay with current 600 cfm Holley. Stay tuned!

Finalizing the Trunk…

Trunk also needed to have the lemon twist on… preparations ongoing.