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Happy New Year 2015!

Current Owner of my old T/A send me the best New Year´s greetings ever! Mika did the restoration I couldn´t do and what a end result! Enjoy the pictures and video.

Before restoration:

After restoration:

Blast from the past…

After few years in Sweden my old T/A is now back in Finland! New owner is now completing restoring and painting it with the original plum crazy color! This was my intention as well once I owned this car, so it is needless to say that I´m very pleased to see these pictures. Thanks to Mika for the pictures!

If you want to see earlier restoration of this T/A, go to category “3470 Six Pack” in this blog.


Jymy and Jyrki continues with the SixPack…


Finnish government is formed by Jyrki Katainen, possibly the new PM, and the negotiations will continue with the political party coalition called "SixPack"… good naming convention!

I´m continuing also with the SixPack! Even though having small electrical issues with the ignition switch…. seems that there has been some disconnection in the ignition switch ("key in buzzer" maybe) and it caused minor overheating in the wires. Seems that I need to change the ignition switch.

Cleaned all the connections from the ballast resistor and bulkhead connector and no major issues anymore but need to monitor the situation and need to change that ignition switch in the near future.

07062011401 09062011407

Also changed the throttle return spring to original and now it´s working fine. Previous spring was too light and didn´t return the throttle back as it should be.


Also managed to get the picture about the 4 speed transmission id tag… yes, it´s numbers match to this car!


Helsinki Cruising Night, June 3rd 2011

We went to Helsinki Cruising Night together with the neighboors. Very good weather and lots of cars… couldn´t be better!





Running with the Six Pack….

It was really long procedure to start the T/A when the engine was cold… obviously something was wrong. First we thought that the choke unit was not correct to this set up and the modifications done to the choke rod was not sufficient. When investigating it a little bit further noticed that there is a minor leak of gasoline from the acceleration pump. This of course gave us indication that the fuel level in the bowl is low if it´s leaking after shutting down the engine.

Anyway we changed the choke unit to the original set and changed the acceleration pump diaphragm and bingo… now it starts with no problems like straight under the palm tree! Thanks Jykä once again for help!

Leaking acceleration pump:


Old "modified" choke unit and the new one with the new rubber pushings for the leaf springs:

12052011343 11052011332

Crumbed diaphragm causing the leak:


All set… Ready to run with the six pack:



American Car Show 2011

Visited today the ACS 2011 and it was great. Very nice cars and I have to say that the T/A was in a very good company… cars like Hemi Super Bee Coronet on the right side and AAR style Cuda with the superb orange paint on the left!

View this video in full resolution at ACS 2011

Great music to this video… performed by Emiliana Torrini and the song is Jungle Drum. Choosed this music because Emiliana´s freestyle drumming improvisation sounds like T/A engine is idling.


Ready for American Car Show 2011

Washed ans cleaned, ready for the American Car Show! Tomorrow I´ll take T/A to the venue and make some preparations for the installation. Pretty excited though because this is my first show. The number of this car in that show is 43… of course coming from the US date format of April 3rd!

19042011155 19042011156 19042011157

Inspection Completed

Eventually I needed to replace the alternator and voltage regulator. Alternator is Powermaster (7508) with 75 Amps. Voltage regulator is Mopar Performance with date code correct white letters for 1970. When I researched the resolution for this charging problem it was interesting to see that the Mopar charging system is not the most problem free solution in the market… I thought these charging problems and electrical problems are related only with the British historical cars with the Lucas systems. Thanks for the Espoon Autopalvelu for fixing the old patch and investigation of this charging problem!

06042011137 06042011138 06042011139


First of all, happy birthday to T/A and me, myself and I!

Annual inspection going on and searching for issues. But no issues except some old patch needed to fix in the left inner fender.

25032011125 25032011130 25032011131
25032011129 25032011132 25032011124


A Horse With No Name…

Changed the alternator brushes today and but still getting weird readings with the alt meter… at idle RPM the reading is about ok. But when reving the engine a little bit then the reading is at the highest point (full charge). Next check point is the voltage regulator.

Of course I needed to start the motor and hear the sound of the 340 six pack… sounded like a running horse.