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Driving Season has started…

Some news what´s happening with Barracuda… yesterday we took Barracuda to the garage for mounting the power steering. In order to get the power steering in place we needed to change the headers and mini starter as well. Same time we´ll change the torsion bars to the heavier set. Power steering and torsion bars are coming from FirmFeel, ministarter from RobbMc, and the headers are TTI ceramic coated “schumacher”. Thanks Tuumacid for the fast delivery and good prices!


Also got some racing patches to my vintage racing suit!



Vintage Driving Gear…

Needed to purchase vintage driving suit from the 70´s for exhibition and/or costume party, drag race, cruising what ever. These together with bubble goggles are super combination. Just need to saw few mopar patches into it and then it´s ready to go ;?)


Spring is coming soon…

Today I sent the agreement and the description about the Barracuda to the Finnish Hot Rod Association for the American Car Show 2014! Here´s the pic from the last ACS at Oulu… see you in Helsinki!


Warming Up…

Monthly maintenance ongoing… need to run the engine about 2-3 min so that the oil find it´s palces.


New Driving Shoes

Last time when I bought these shoes it was 1983! These are legendary Adidas München shoes and luxury versions of Adidas Jaguars which were dark blue/black. I prefer red ones because matching colors to Barracuda!

WP_20131129_010 WP_20131129_009

American Car Show 2014

Excellent news! Barracuda was called in for American Car Show 2014 in Helsinki. Welcome to see Barracuda live there!


V8 Magazine Article…

V8 Magazine article about the Barracuda appears today… can´t wait to see it back home!