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Go Wing

My old RT got the Go Wing -treatment… also black stripe on the hood is on the list for upgrades.

T/A and R/T in the same yard!


Visiting my cousin… notice also ´69 Olds Cutlass and Buick in the background! Beautiful sight, isn´t it!? It´s actually not every day job to find these rare original T/A and R/T especially in the same yard!

Jay Leno´s Dodge Challenger R/T

Jay Leno´s Challenger R/T Update

Sound of The 440 Magnum

The Locomotive

I guess you wonder what this "The Locomotive" stands for? Well, got the idea from the previous owner who had called this car as "Der Vorläufer"… freely translated to The Locomotive. If you ever had driven Detroit Muscle Car, I think you´ll then understand where this impression of "The Locomotive" comes from. Power and Torque… but no steering! Especially in this car this is absolutely true because not having power steering. You can imagine how this size and weighted car is going to understeer in the curves!

American Car Show Trophys to my Challenger

Dodge Challenger R/T Article in Car and Driver 11/69