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Those were The Days…


Bye Bye MSD…

First mounted the tach adapter but the tach didn´t work. Then took the MSD equipment away and wired the mopar electronic ignition and the tach worked just fine. I also painted the msd blaster 2 coil to black to look more original.

Now the thing is that I´ll stick with the mopar electronic ignition and put the MSD away… engine bay look much more better without red MSD boxes and wirehash…

WP_000150 WP_000151 WP_000152

Stickers on…

Jacking instructions and emission decal put on…

WP_000140 WP_000143

Vinyl Dye…

Dyed the backseat with VHT vinyl dye… difference is quite obvious. Will do the same for the front seats.

WP_000137 WP_000138


Attached the Pentastar to the front right fender… small but important detail!


Small fixes, part 6

Now wiper motor is working… got the spare part and mounted it today. Here´s the spare part which caused me trouble… during previous restoration the wiper motor was probably from the year 72-73 and the wiper motor crank drive did not fit to my new original wiper motor.



Also painted the jack base and put the sticker on:


And removed aftermarket CD player and speakers… now looking more original.


Air Grabber Cable Installed

I put the Air Grabber long cable in place. Needed to drill the hole for this in the firewall because it was welded since last restoration. Now I just need to adjust the cables so that it works smoothly.

WP_000117 WP_000120

Wiper Motor Installed

Looks good but not working… couldn´t attach the wiper linkage under the dash. The attaching bolt to wiper linkage drive crank is too large. I need to find the way how to enlarge the crank hole.


New Stance…

Lowered the rear by 2 inches… much more better look. It was easy to lower the rear becuase there is air shocks.


Trunk ready

I put the original look spare tire into trunk… looks good.