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340 HP Air Cleaner

Found it!

TTBT Duster is Back

Drove the Duster back to Espoo on Friday. Smooth ride and have to say that the power steering and brakes were excellent upgrades to this car. Now seeking original 340 HP air cleaner (yes, it´s rare) but got already few offers form the US.

Also purchased 750 dp Holley to upgrade the carb. Just need to change the gaskets, needles and the jets.


Coming Home…

Two-Tone Blacktop is coming home! Stay tuned…

Bye Bye Duster…

There it goes… what next? Will see…


Production Numbers

Pretty rare but I wonder how rare it is with the V02 option? Just to compare, 4 speed production number was 7390 and automatic 11008!


1970 Plymouth Duster Commercial

New Window Whiskers

Front windows are making a little bit noise while driving. Needed to purchase outer and inner window whiskers to sweep and hold the windows still.