Rear End Upgrade

Now it’s time to upgrade the rear end to sure grip diffrential with 3.55 gears! Looking good!


Scheduled Production Date

Hey, just realized that scheduled production date to my Duster is March 25th 1970. But the door sticker says that it was coming out from the factory assembly line on April 1970 which means that the production was late and happened on April 1970! Now I’m even more confident that this car has the same date of birth as I am: April 3rd 1970! 😊


340 HP Air Cleaner

Found it!

TTBT Duster is Back

Drove the Duster back to Espoo on Friday. Smooth ride and have to say that the power steering and brakes were excellent upgrades to this car. Now seeking original 340 HP air cleaner (yes, it´s rare) but got already few offers form the US.

Also purchased 750 dp Holley to upgrade the carb. Just need to change the gaskets, needles and the jets.


Coming Home…

Two-Tone Blacktop is coming home! Stay tuned…



Something New, Something Old…

White wagon is gone, CA Pickup is gone… but something new and old. Needed to purchase Indian Scout Sixty (2016) to feel the motorcycle life as well. Also purchased my previous Green Mouse back. Green Mouse is the first car purchsed back so this is the second wave… is this the keeper? In the picture all my and son’s Luka vehicles: Indian, Spitfire, Good Year TopKart and of course MiniMe. Stay tuned…