Dallas Cowboys…

Dallas Truck coming soon so I just needed to purchase some goodies matching to the theme.


C-A Truck

Nice ´73 Dodge D100 Adventurer SE truck coming soon. 400 CID Big Block and all the bells and whistles… hence Candy-Ass Truck! Wheels will stay but higher profile truck tires ordered: Mickey Thompson Baja STZ fronts 245/70R17 and back 265/60R18. Stay tuned…

Ignition Lock Change

Not happy at all… I had only one key to the ignition lock and went to the local locksmith to reproduce the copy to the original key. Well something went wrong and now not even the original key is not working. Now I need to change the whole lock cylinder 😦

Mattresses Are Ready!

Ou jeah, looking really good and cool!

Mattress Project

White Wagon mattress project has been started… Thanks to my big sis! Stay tuned.

Some Supplies…

Purchased camping table set and the station wagon tent roof for the next summer american car events. My sister is sawing mattresses on top of the 2nd and 3rd row seats when folded… then I can sleep there and save some hotel costs 🙂

Engine Swap

Current 318 numbers match engine is consuming a lot of oil… apparently it’s not ok even though it’s not smoking or leaking oil.

Here’s the plan: recondition of the much more potential ’72 block of 360 CID and put it in and meanwhile recondition of the 318. Also purchased the A/C kompressor to get the A/C working. Stay tuned.